Privacy Policy

  1. The Newbury District Field Club was founded in 1870 to promote the study of the town of Newbury (Berkshire) and its surrounding area. The principal areas of interest are local history, archaeology, geology and natural history. The Club is committed to protecting the personal data it holds in line with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations.
  2. Personal information held by the club will not be shared with any other person or organisation, nor is it accessible online except in specific instances detailed in paras 6, 7 & 8 below.
  3. The Club holds a list of members. Information held is limited to name, home address, email address and home and/or mobile telephone numbers. This information is only used to contact members with information about forthcoming events or other matters pertinent to the aims of the charity.
  4. In addition, the Club holds a list of email addresses for past members, attendees at the Club’s events, press and media contacts, etc to whom the Club may send a newsletter promoting forthcoming events organised by the Club or other organisations with common goals. The information is not shared with any other person or organisation. The information is not accessible online. Anyone in receipt of such emails may request removal from the list at any time; a notice to such effect will be included in all such mailings. Any such request shall be actioned immediately.
  5. The Club holds regular lecture meetings and to this end holds a list of past and potential future speakers with contact details. These details are obtained from the individuals concerned or from public sources. The Club will not give out contact details for speakers, but will, when requested to do so, pass on queries to them using the details held.
  6. The Club holds an historic record of past meetings which includes the names of speakers, but no contact details. The record of meetings since 2009 is available on the Club website as an historic record, but also as a resource for lecture secretaries of similar clubs and societies seeking speakers.
  7. The Club also intends to place on its website a list of members prepared to give talks and the talks on offer. This will only include members prepared to be listed and will include contact details supplied by and agreed with those listed. Those listed may request at any time that details be amended or deleted; such requests will be actioned on receipt.
  8. Publicity material and the Club’s website ( will occasionally include contact details for individuals. Permission of the individual involved is sought before any such details are made public.
  9. The club does not track the usage of its website apart from the use of a site analytics tool supplied by its hosting provider (EUKHost). This provides basic details as to the number of visits to the website and the sites referring (linking) users to the club’s website.
  10. The Club may retain correspondence to provide an historic record of the activities of the Club.
  11. Where minutes and reports, or other similar documents contain personal names, this information is retained for archival purposes as part of the formal records of the Club. The minimum amount of information required is recorded in such cases.
  12. The information listed above is obtained from the individuals concerned, or from publicly available sources, and is held solely by members of the Committee, who are all volunteers working on behalf of the Club. The Club has no salaried employees.
  13. The Data Controller for the Club is the Committee. If you have an enquiry regarding personal data held by the Club, please contact the Secretary: