An old view of Northbrook Street, Newbury.


Welcome to the Newbury District Field Club, your gateway to the rich tapestry of history, archaeology, natural beauty, and geological wonders that define the Newbury district. Our journey began with a meeting held on February 24th, 1870, where a group of passionate individuals gathered to formalise the establishment of our society. The Reverend J Randall presided as the chair, Dr. Silas Palmer assumed the role of Honorary Secretary, and Mr. C Slocock of Newbury Bank took on the responsibilities of treasurer. This momentous occasion marked the birth of an enduring legacy.

At our inaugural gathering, Dr. Silas Palmer showcased Stone Age implements, accompanied by photographs taken by the skilled local photographer, Mr. Howe. These remarkable artefacts had all been unearthed in our district and its surrounding areas, bearing silent witness to the deep history that lies beneath our feet. It was this fascination with our local heritage that ignited the passion of our founders and set the course for the Newbury District Field Club’s long and illustrious journey. Members had to be proposed and seconded and the cost was 5 shillings, and remained at this until the 1940’s. Looking at “the transactions” we had 115 members of whom 42 were reverends.They were not only local lists indicate members being in San Francisco, Kelso and London.

Over the course of more than a century, we’ve woven ourselves into the very fabric of Newbury, chronicling its evolution through the ages. Today, our mission remains unchanged: to explore and celebrate the unique character of the Newbury district. We leave no stone unturned in our quest to preserve the past, explore the present, and embrace the future.