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Transactions of the Newbury District Field Club

Table of Contents


Vol : 1

Pub : 1870-1871

The geology of the Kennet ValleyJones, T. Rupert
Contributions to a flora of BerkshireBritten, James
A list of the flowering plants, ferns, and mosses, observed in the parish of East WoodhayReeks, Henry
Geological notices of north HampshireStevens, Joseph
Notes on some of the rarer birds observed in the neighbourhood of Newbury, with dates of arrival ofHerbert, W.H.
A list of the lepidoptera in the neighbourhood of HungerfordWoodham, H.
SarsensAdams, Rev. John
The Globe Inn, NewburyPalmer, Silas
An account of the opening of the barrow at Great Shefford, Berks.Adams, Rev. John
Historical notes on the manor of Balsden, Kintbury, and its ancient moated houseAnon.
Discoveries at Finkley, Hants.Stevens, Joseph
Address on White Horse Hill, Ashdown, &c.Hughes, Thomas
The battle of AEscedunWilson, Rev. J.
The Seven BarrowsWilson, Rev. J.
Letcomb Castle [Hearne's diaries, v.74, 1717, p.88]Hearne, Thomas
Historical notes and references [on Lambourn]Editor
The Lambourn poet laureate, the silver tongued Sylvester [Joshua Sylvester, 1563-1618]Godwin, Henry
Archaeological notesPalmer, Silas
MeteorologyWard, John

Vol : 2

Pub : 1872-1875

Henry Godwin, by the Rev. John Adams; Rev. J. G. Joyce, by Walter Money; Edward T. Stevens, by T. RuObituaries
Donnington Castle, Berks.Godwin, Henry
Historical notice of Poughley MonasteryPalmer, Silas
A brief sketch of the early history of WelfordGodwin, Henry
Historical notes on the Newbury districtParker, James
Notes on the Forster family of Aldermaston; [Padworth Church and bells; Theale church]Money, Walter
Supplemental note to the account of Englefield Church, pp.98-101Clutterbuck, A.
Additional notes on EnglefieldMoney, Walter
On the antiquities found in the peat of Newbury; [editor: Appendix to Dr. Palmer's paper]Palmer, Silas
Notes on a pile-structure in Grimsbury forestJones, T. Rupert & C. Cooper King
1. Shaw House, p.7; 2. Chaddleworth, pp.17-21; 3. Donnington Castle, pp.23 &c; 4. Poughley MonasteryRolleston, George, Appendix 9
Report on the water-supply at NewburyGrover, J. W.
Water-supply at GreenhamJones, T. Rupert
Notes on some sarsden or sarsen stonesJones, T. Rupert
Notes on some of the rarer birds...in the neighbourhood of NewburyHerbert, W. H.
The site of the castle of NewburyMoney, Walter
Notes on some ancient bronze implements found at Yattendon Park in 1878Lowsley, Luke
Local findsAnon.
Catalogue of the...church goods...for Greenham [in 1552]Anon.
The Winchcombe monumentAnon.
Rainfall at GreenhamWard, J.
Shaw clay-pitJones, T. Rupert and W. Whitaker
Shaw House and the Second Battle of NewburyGodwin, Henry
The helmets at Shaw HouseAnon.
Bussock CampPalmer, Silas
Chaddleworth ChurchThompson, Rev. E.
Borough Hill CampPalmer, Silas
Easton gravel-pitAdams, Rev. J.
East Shefford Church; West Shefford ChurchParker, James
Wickham ChurchAnon.
Avington ChurchJames, Rev. John
Englefield ChurchClutterbrook, Rev. A.
Englefield HouseAnon.
Tidmarsh ChurchParker, James
Ufton CourtGodwin, Henry (after Miss Mitford)
Aldermaston House; Aldermaston ChurchAnon.
The Moores of FawleyPalmer, Silas
Notes on North and South FawleyMoney, Walter
The old and new churches at FawleyLuxmoor, Rev. C. C.
Supplemental notes on Watcombe and FawleyMoney, Walter
Letcombe CastleAnon.
Celtic relics at Letcombe CastlePhene, J. S.
History of Letcombe CastleParker, James
On the British line of defence in BerkshireKing, C. Cooper
The RidgewayAnon
The geology of the Berkshire hillsJones, T. Rupert
Hackpin or Childrey Hill and the "East Ditch"Barnes, J. B.
Notes on Sparsholt [Magna Britannica, Berks. pp.369-71]Lysons, Daniel
Notes on Childrey its manors, church and Manor houseParker, James
Wantage ChurchParker, James
Hill-side figuresTomlinson, Rev. C. H.
Notes on the hill-side figuresJones, T. Rupert
Caversham chalk-pitJones, T. Rupert
Greyfriars Church, ReadingAlbury, F. W.
St. Mary's Church, ReadingAnon.
Katesgrove clay-pitsJones, T. Rupert
Mr. Hounslow's House, ReadingAnon.
St. Lawrence's Church, ReadingAnon.
St. James' Roman Catholic Chapel, ReadingAnon.
Reading AbbeyAlbury, F. W.
Excavations in Plummery DitchJones, T. Rupert

Vol : 3

Pub : 1875-1886

Stephen Hemsted; Rev. W. Fraser Campbell; Joseph Bunny: all by Walter MoneyObituaries
The College of St. Nicholas, WallingfordHedges, J. Kirby
The early history of WallingfordParker, James
St. Leonard's Church. WallingfordMilward, Rev. W.C.Sayer; Parker, James
Dorchester Abbey ChurchMacfarlane, Rev. W.C.
St. Birinus, Bishop of DorchesterAdams, Rev. J.
Salisbury CathedralLear, Ven. Archdeacon
The Bishops Palace, SalisburyMoberly, Dr, Bishop of Salisbury
The Blackmore Museum, SalisburyStevens, E. T.
St. Thomas's Church, SalisburyMorrice, Rev. Preb.
The Obelisk, WinchesterBanting, Rev. W.B.
Winchester CastlePortal, Melville
Winchester CathedralCollier, Rev. C.
Winchester CollegeWinchester College Warden
Hospital of St. Cross, WinchesterThe Master
Preshute Church; The Devil's Den; The Grey Wethers; Silbury Hill; Avebury Church; Avebury Priory or Anon.
The Dunch FamilyMoney, Walter
Notes on AveburyJones, T. Rupert & James Parker
Marlborough CollegeSoames, Rev. C.
StratfieldsayeJoyce, Rev. J.G.
Bramshill [and its owners]Cope, Rev. W. H.
Address [on Windsor]Parker, James
St. George's Chapel, Windsor; Albert Memorial Chapel, Windsor; Windsor CastleAnon.
Donnington PrioryMoney, Walter
The Maison-Dieu, or Hospital, DonningtonMoney, Walter
Beedon ChurchDolby, E.
Beedon ManorAnon.
Cuckhamsley Hill, AEscedun and the Battle of AshdownParker, James & E. C. Davey
The Manors of East Hendred, Berks.Eyston, C.J.
Lockinge House, Berks.Anon.
Devizes Castle; St. John's Church, DevizesBurgess, Rev. J. Hart
Devizes Museum; BowoodAnon.
Oxford: Christ Church; the shrine of St. Frideswide; Magdalen College; the Bodleian; Brasenose ColleAnon.
East WoodhayHodgson, Rev. J. Douglas
West Woodhay HouseBanting, Rev. W. B.
Walbury CampStevens, Dr. & C. Cooper King
The geology of the district [Walbury, etc]Jones, T. Rupert
The story of Combe Gibbet; Combe and its churchAnon.
The manor of Hamstead Marshall and its historical associationsMoney, Walter
Addenda: references to documents relating to Hamstead MarshallAnon.
The Priory Church at Monks' Sherborne; Monks' Sherborne Church; The Vyne; Old BasingAnon.
Church; The Grange; Basing HouseAnon.
Amesbury; The Nunnery Church; Amesbury Priory; Vespasian's Camp; StonehengeAnon.
Shaw HouseAnon.
The Dolmans of ShawMoney, Walter
Thatcham: its history and antiquitiesBarfield, S.
Transcripts from the parish registers of ThatchamMoney, Walter
Bucklebury: temporary museum; State Papers exhibitedAnon.
Lord Boligbroke's associations with BuckleburyMount, W. G.
Bucklebury: its history and folkloreWallis, Rev. W. M.
Bucklebury Church; Stanford Dingley Church; The Manor of Stanford Dingley; Kimber-Head;Anon.
The Stanford tanneryAnon.
Further notes on the church [at Stanford Dingley]May, Mr.
Notes on MarlstonAnon.
Marlston, its history and associationsWallis, Rev. W. M.
Medmenham Abbey; Lady Place; Bisham AbbeyAnon.
Bisham ChurchPowell, Rev. E.T.
Avington ChurchAnon.
The Choke or Chokke familyBrown, Rev. F.
Hungerford; Littlecote; Chilton Church; Chilton House; Ramsbury Manor; Ramsbury ChurchAnon.
Bradfield College; Bradfield Church; History of Bradfield Manor; Tidmarsh; Hardwicke; Anon.
Historical notes on MapledurhamEyston, C. J.
Longleat HouseJackson, Canon
The Vale of White HorseAnon.
Cirencester: Oakley Grove; the AmphitheatreAnon.
Silchester; Bramley Church; BeaurepaireAnon.
Lambeth Palace; Westminster AbbeyAnon.
Grimsbury Camp; Frilsham Church; Hampstead Norris Church; Perborough Castle; AldworthAnon.
The chalk hillsBennett, F. J.
Lacock Church; Lacock Abbey; Lacock Abbey BarnAnon.
1. statutes and ordinances of Donnington Hospital, p.56; 2. Beedon Church restoration, p.62;Appendix
3. Rectors of East Woodhaye, p.92; 4. RainfallAnon.

Vol : 4

Pub : 1886-1895

Henry Howard Molyneux, Earl of CarnarvonObituaries
Records of ShawMoney, Walter
The macro-lepidoptera of the Newbury districtKimber, Mary
Notes on BlewburyRichardson, Will. H.
The Civil War in Berkshire, 1642-1646Money, Walter
The site of the battle of Ashdown; addendum by Walter MoneyMorrison, Walter
Notes on BasildonMoney, Walter
Notes on AldermastonMoney, Walter
Notes on the family of Lieut.-Gen. Ludlow, with some account of the parish of Tadley, Hants.Money, Walter
Notes on EnborneMoney, Walter
Archaeological notes [cont. from vol.2, p.263]Appendix
Prehistoric and mediaeval antiquities discovered at Newbury during the 1894 drainage operationsAnon.
Antiquities belonging to the historic periodAnon.
The discovery of sketches on the north side of the parish church [of Newbury]Anon.
Description of neolithic flints, geological sections, &c in section of Kennet Valley, NewburyRichards, E. Percy
Whitchurch; Hurstbourne park and mansionExcursion notes: Anon.
Abingdon: St. Nicholas' Church; Council Chamber; Abbey; St. Helen's Church; Christ's HospitalExcursion notes: Anon.
Tisbury; Wardour CastleExcursion notes: Anon.
Moor Park; Waverley Abbey; Farnham CastleExcursion notes: Anon.
Wells; Glastonbury AbbeyExcursion notes: Anon.
Penshurst CastleExcursion notes: Anon.
Basildon; StreatleyExcursion notes: Anon.
High Wycombe: Hospital of St. John the Baptist; High Wycombe Church; West Wycombe;Excursion notes: Anon.
Bradenham: Church of St. Botolph, Manor House; Hughenden Church and Manor HouseExcursion notes: Anon.
Aldermaston House; Ufton Court; SilchesterExcursion notes: Anon.
Guildford: Guildhall; Borough maces; Council chamber; Hospital of the Holy Trinity; GrammarExcursion notes: Anon.
School; Holy Trinity Church; Loseley: St. Mary's ChurchExcursion notes: Anon.
Bradford-on-AvonExcursion notes: Anon.
Warwick; KenilworthExcursion notes: Anon.
Didcot; Aston; BlewburyExcursion notes: Anon.
WiltonExcursion notes: Anon.
Long Wittenham; DorchesterExcursion notes: Anon.

Vol : 5

Pub : 1895-1911

The Fettiplace familyDunlop, J. Renton
A sketch of the geological history of the Newbury districtTreacher, Llewellyn
Notes on the natural history of the Compton districtHewett, William
Midgham and the Poyntz familyMoney, Walter
The Heralds' Visitations of Berkshire and the pedigrees of Berkshire families [1532-1666]Anon.
Bucklebury and its ownersMoney, Walter
The Norman architecture of BerkshireKeyser, Charles E.
Antique wall-decorations in Bartholomew Street, NewburyMoney, Walter
Relics found on the site of the Queen's statue in Market Place, NewburyMoney, Walter
An ancient churchwardens' bookMoney, Walter
Relics of the Old Berkshire YeomanryMoney, Walter
The Great Tithe Barn at East IlsleyMoney, Walter
The Cloth Hall and granaries, Newbury [Arch. Rev. Nov. 1905]Money, Walter
Winchcombe carved panels in a house in NewburyMoney, Walter
Our woodlandsMoney, Walter
A relic of medieval NewburyMoney, Walter
Discovery of a supposed Dene-hole at North HeathMoney, Walter
The Old Court House, DonningtonMoney, Walter
Discovery of the site of remains of a Roman villa at NewburyMoney, Walter
Relics of the siege of Donnington CastleMoney, Walter
Will of Sir John Boys, 1664Money, Walter
Vanishing Newbury (1908)Money, Walter
Antiquities found at KintburyMoney, Walter
Destruction of the Newbury Town Hall [pulled down in 1908]Money, Walter
Discoveries at SilchesterMoney, Walter
Circular earthworks on Greenham CommonMoney, Walter
French prisoners of war at WantageMoney, Walter
An ancient interment at KingsclereMoney, Walter
Miscellaneous local finds in 1910Money, Walter
Interesting relics of the Civil WarMoney, Walter
Additional notes on the Fettiplace familyMoney, Walter
Additional notes on Wayland Smith's caveMoney, Walter
Dagger found at KingsclereMoney, Walter

Vol : 6

Pub : 1930-1933

Charles Edward Keyser, by Evelyn Holden; Walter Money, by V. M. CordenObituaries
A Romano-British settlement at Thatcham-Newtown, Berks. Harris, W. E.
Some unsolved problems in the Newbury districtPeake, Harold
Archaeological notes: Kintbury skeleton, no.1Sansbury, Arthur R.
Archaeological notes: Kintbury skeleton, no.2Parsons, F. G.
Archaeological notes: Speenhamland skeletonParsons, F. G.
Nature notesAnon.
Some recent accessions of local interestPeake, Harold
The Ridgeway and the Icknield Way in BerkshirePeake, Harold
Church of S. Mary the Virgin, Hamstead Marshall: ... new discoveries...restoration of 1929-39 Hook, Norman
Observations on the fauna of moss growing in the river LambourneMottram, J. C.
A Berkshire manor at the close of the Middle Ages [Shaw]Latham, L. Clare
The regional survey of Berkshire, 1930Bate, Francis
Notes on the migration of birdsBrown, George
The excavation of the Romano-British well at Thatcham-NewtownHarris, W. E.
The six pewter vessels (Thatcham-Newtown)Collingwood, R. G.
Report on the metal objects found (Thatcham-Newtown)Desch, Cecil H.
Report on the animal remains (Thatcham-Newtown)Bate, Dorothea M. A.
Roman road from Durocornovium to SpinaeAnon.
Recent discoveries on Boxford CommonAnon.
Three unrecognised castle mounds at Hamstead MarshallMyre, J. N. L.
Thatcham-Newtown explorations, 1930-1Harris, W. E. & Hardy, W. K.
Early Iron Age remains on Boxford Common, Berks.Peake, Harold; H. H. Coughlan; Christopher Hawkes
Bartholomew Manor House, NewburyWynter, W. Essex; A. J. Cambell Cooper
Nature notesAnon.
An earthwork at AshdownPeake, Harold
Romano-British remains in Salcombe Road, NewburyBeer, H. V.
Archaeological notesAnon.
George James Watts, by Victor M. CordenObituaries
The living drift of riversMottram, J. C.
Nature notes, 1932Anon.
Two early sites in Woodcott and Crux Easton, Hants.Hardy, W. K.
Pre-Roman SilchesterKarslake, J. B. P.
Further excavations on Boxford CommonPeake, Harold; H. H. Coghlan
Blewburton HillPeake, Harold
Saxon stoup at Shefford woodlandsAnon.
Enborne Gate gravel-pitAnon.

Vol : 7

Pub : 1934-1937

Some observations on the life history of the fresh water shrimpMottram, J. C.
Thunderbolts" at Shaw, near NewburyWilliams, Philip
Excavation of a barrow and two earthen circles at Ashbury, Berks.Passmore, A. D.
Terrace cultivation at East Garston, Berks.Peake, Harold J. E.; J. M. Birbeck
Further work on Boxford CommonPeake, Harold J. E.; H. H. Coghlan
Roman flu at Thatcham-NewtownHarris, W. E.
A subsidy roll of 1128, transcribed by Deborah StantonAnon.
Exploration of three round barrows on Woolley Down, Berks.Peake, Harold; John Padel
Report on human remains from late bronze age barrows on Woolley DownTildesley, M. L.
A large mediaeval storage pot from HeadleyHarris, W. E.
Mesolithic implements at NewburyPeake, Harold
The riddle of Sidown WarrenHardy, W. K.
The Borough of Newbury MuseumPeake, Harold
Some old shop premises in NewburyCooper, A. J. Campbell
A survey of the birds of Berkshire: abstractBrown, George
Excavations in the Berkshire downsPeake, Harold; H. H. Coghlan, C. F. Bertram Marshall & J. M. Birkbeck
Trial excavation at Lambourne PlacePeake, Harold
Remains of the Irish stag or giant deer in Sidown WarrenHardy, W. K.
The origin of the Kennet peatPeake, Harold
Neolithic and other pottery from Enborne gravel pitHardy, W. K.
Romano-British remains found at Thatcham-NewtownHarris, W. E.
Borough of Newbury Museum: recent accessionsPeake, Harold
Opening of the new buildings [Newbury Museum], June 1st, 1934Anon.
An early settlement at Theale, near Reading, Berks.Piggott, Stuart
A Saxon cross shaft fragment from WantagePiggott, Stuart
The old way from Basingstoke to Salisbury PlainCoghlan, H. H.
Excavations on Church Plain, Blewbury, Berks.Peake, Harold; H. H. Coghlan; C. F. B. Marshall; Stuart Piggott
The forest of Berkshire and the word BerrocPeake, Harold
A bronze age cinerary urn found on the hill to the south of Newbury, 1935Hardy, W. K.
Lepidoptera in Cold AshRippon, C
Middle paleolithic implements from Enborne GateAnon.
A beaker and a four-legged bowl from Inkpen, Berks.Peake, Harold
A mediaeval pot from NewburyHarris, W. E.
A chambered long barrow near LambourneGrimsell, L. V.
Air photographs of a long barrow in Hants., and an earthwork on the Berkshire downsAnon.
Ancient monuments in the Newbury District scheduled...before 31st December 1934Anon.
Mediaeval building in Northcroft Lane, NewburyAnon.
Romano-British pottery kilns between Compton and Aldworth, Berks.Hardy, W. K.
Notes on alterations to [Shaw] House since its building by Thomas Dolman in 1581Cooper, A. J. Campbell
Romano-British settlement at Thatcham-Newtown, Berks.Harris, W. E.
Lepidoptera in the Newbury DistrictRippon, C.
Norman motte at West Woodhay, Berks.: report on excavations in 1935-6 and notes on potteryJervoise, E.
The Newbury District in the neolithic agePeake, Harold
St. Bartholomew's Hospital at NewburyCope, S. Trehearne

Vol : 8

Pub : 1938-1945

Notes on an earthwork in the parish of TilehurstUnderhill, F. M.
SilchesterH., W. E.
The bronze implements of the Newbury regionRoskill, V.
The old way from Basingstoke to FarnhamCoghlan, H. H.
The Iron Age pottery from ThealePiggott, C. M.
The Saxon pottery from ThealeMyres, J. N. L.
Roeburgh Hundred and its associationsPeake, Harold
Books in the Club Library (p.70)Anon.
Some notes on the Hills Estate gravel pit, Wash Common, NewburyMelville, R. V.
Destruction of Charlton Down round barrowSmith, C. N. S.
Gift to Victoria & Albert MuseumAnon.
Archaeological notesHarris, W. E.
A bronze socketed axe-head from Lambourne woodlandsPeake, Harold
The geology of FaringdonMelville, R. V.
Some aspects of Berkshire heraldry: summarySpokes, P. S.
Trout and grayling in the Newbury districtRaymond, C. J.
Evidence of Saxon work at Boxford church, Berks.Cooper, A. J. Campbell
Excavations of a round barrow near Pewit Farm, Charlton Down, Berks.Piggott, Stuart
Trial excavation at Ram's HillPiggott, Stuart
Belgic pottery at Thatcham NewtownHarris, W. E.
The functions of a Field ClubPeake, Harold
An exploration of Grim's ditchLittle, E.
Accounts of Shaw Manor, transcribed from MS rolls in...Newbury Museum by Clare LathamAnon.
Wayland's Smithy, Beahhild's Byrigels and Hwittuc's Hlaew: a suggestionGrinsell, L. V.
Borough of Newbury Museum: recent accessionsPeake, Harold
Macro-lepidoptera in Newbury MuseumRippon, C.
References to the Newbury district in Aubrey's Monumenta BritannicaGrinsell, L. V.
Folklore relating to a round barrow at Stanmore in the parish of Beedon, B erks.Smith, C. N. S.
Lecture on the evolution of the ground plan of the mediaeval parish church exemplified chiefly in thFarnell, E. N.
The excavation at Ram's Hill, 1939Piggott, Stuart; C. M. Piggott
Rooksnest, Lambourne woodlandsCooper, A. J. Campbell
The owners of Rooksnest FarmPeake, Harold
The old road from Salisbury Plain to Winchester HillCoghlan, H. H.
The origin of NewburyPeake, Harold
The archaeological contribution of Richard JefferiesGrinsell, L. V.
Medieval roads between Abingdon, Newbury and HungerfordHadcock, R. N.
The medieval road between Newbury and BeedonMelville, Mrs.
The folklore of some of the prehistoric remains of the Newbury districtPeake, Harold
Ecological surveys; Recent developments at the Newbury Museum; Archaeological planningPeake, Harold
The earliest inhabitants of NewburyPeake, Harold
Stone hammers in the Newbury MuseumCoghlan, H. H.
Berkshire place namesFarnell, E. N.

Vol : 9

Pub : 1948-1950

Presidential address [ protection of flaura and fauna]Saundby, Sir Robert
A romano-British cremating place and burial ground on Roden Downs, Compton, BerksHood, Sinclair; Walton, Hilary
Some observations on the distribution of lepidoptera in the United KingdomSaundby, Sir Robert
Something about the salmonidaeSaundby, Sir Robert
Lynchets: their origin and purpose [abstract]Orwin, C. S.
Earthwork at Ramsbury corner, BuckleburyHadcock, N.
The stone curlewBrown, George
The Berkshire Yeomanry, 1794-1951Tylden, G.
Saxon and Norman architecture in the Newbury districtKaines-Thomas, E. G.
The Newbury Weavers' GuildRoskill, V.
Excavations at Horris Hill, NewtownRowe, Andrew
A history of the birds of the Newbury districtSummers-Smith, D.
Rules, as amended Jan. 1951; Jan. 1952: 11 rulesNDFC

Vol : 10

Pub : 1951-1958

Ancient roads and the RidgewayCoghlan, H. H.
Viscount Alanbrooke at Newbury: rare bird films [at the Plaza]Anon.
Effect of war years on the birds of Bucklebury CommonAnderson, Miss L. F.
Archaeological air-photography in BritainHarden, D. B.
Thirteenth-century domestic architecture in EnglandWood, Margaret E.
A Romano-British site at Odstine Down, Berks.Rhodes, P. P.
The Battle of AshdownBurne, Lt. Col. H.
The rise of the iron industry to Roman timesCoghlan, H. H.
Notes on barrows near InkpenCrawford, O. G. S.
Birds in the Newbury district, 1951-1953Summers-Smith, D.
Records of apprenticeship and settlements in a Berkshire village [Blewbury] in the eighteenth centurMelville, Mrs R.
The "missing charter" of HungerfordWalne, P.
The decline of the clothing industry in BerkshireDell, R. F.
Norman motte at West Woodhay: 2nd ReportJervoise, F.
Rules, as amended Jan. 1955: 11 rulesNDFC
The Kennet and Avon canalClaxton, E. W.
Some problems in the repair and conseservation of historic buildingsReed, Alan
Newbury "Cloth Hall": origin and subsequent usesSellwood, P. H.
The Saxon cemetery at KintburyConnah, D. B.
Comments on the status of certain birds in the Newbury districtFoster, Lt. Col. R. T.
An unusual prehistoric burial at LambournCoghlan, H. H.
Fragmentary skeleton from Lambourn, BerkshireOakley, K. P.
The timber-framed building of Steventon (Berks) and their regional significanceRigold, S. E.
Birds of Newbury district, 1954-1958Lewis, L. R.
Excavations at Thatcham, Berks, 1958Wymer, J.
Old village crafts and industries in the Newbury districtKaines-Thomas, E. G.
Newbury Court Leet records 1640 to 1723Morris, W. A. D.

Vol : 11

Pub : 1960-1967

History of the Newbury District Field clubKaines-Thomas, E. G.
Excavations at Thatcham, Berks. (2nd interim report)Wymer, J.
A paleolith from ThatchamSheridan, R. A.
The town of Newbury: some geographical observationsJohnson, R. H.
Gulls (Larus SP.) in Newbury district: an interim reportLewis, L. R.
Botanical Section, 1959-1960. List of flowers foundWatts, L. M.
Some notes on the Kennet ValleyClaxton, E. W.
Donnington ChurchKaines-Thomas, E. G.
Norman domestic architectureWood, Margaret
Excavations at Thatcham: final reportWymer, J. J.
Excavations in 1960 at Grimsbury Castle, near Hermitage, Berks.Wood, Peter
The mesolithic around Hungerford. Parts I-III: The Wawcott district; Excavations at WawcottFroom, F. R.
Some plants of chalk hillsHyde, Mary B.
Radiocarbon dating of cruck cottages and barnsFletcher, J. M.
Ashbury Manor, Berks.Wood, Margaret
Measuring a mediaeval houseWood, Margaret
The White Horse, UffingtonWoolner, Diana
The mesolithic around Hungerford. Parts IV-VFroom, F. R.
Staircase: Camp Hopson, Northbrook Street, NewburyCampbell-Cooper, A. J.
Cruck cottage, Up-LambourneFletcher, John
William the Marshall and Hamstead MarshallKaines-Thomas, E. G.
'The King's Houses' on Cottington's Hill, KingsclereBull, G. B. G.
Hook Farm, Lower Woodcott, Hants.Baggs, A. P.
The macro-lepidoptera of the Newbury districtSaundby, Sir Robert
An argument for conservationLewis, L. R.
Newbury Museum Archaeological Group: Rescue excavation of a mesolithic site at Greenham Dairy Farm, Sheridan, R; Sheridan, D; Hassell, P.

Vol : 12

Pub : 1970-1981

A report upon some bronze age palstaves in the Borough of Newbury MuseumCoghlan, H. H.
Some history of local houses (Aldermaston, Englefield, Ufton Court, Donnington Grove, Sandleford PriKaines-Thomas, E. G.
Some scraps of Lambourn valley historyKaines-Thomas, E. G.
The Pang valley and its villagesKaines-Thomas, E. G.
The mesolithic around Hungerford. Part VIBroom, F. R.
Some notes on 63 Northbrook Street, NewburyDavies, Peter J. M.
Steventon Church and Sir Hugh CalveleyFletcher, John
A check-list of the fossil reptilia from the Faringdon sponge gravels (Neocomian)Declair, J. B.
Agonistic behaviour in the nightingaleLewis, L. R.
[Mediaeval churches]Kaines-Thomas, E. G.
[Ridgeway, Icknield Way, adjacent villages]Kaines-Thomas, E. G.
The Phoenix Brewery, NewburyJones, J. W. S.; H. A. Taylor
Managing water resourcesGoode, Sir William
A Romano-British site near Blaydon (Wilts.) SU292773. Interim ReportFord, S. D.
Report on the restoration of Newbury MuseumGotelee, F. Alan
A brick and tile works near Newbury [at Hermitage]Roberts, Fred.
Man and wildlifePotts, Timothy
A socketed bronze spearhead in the Newbury MuseumCoghlan, H. H.
Excavations: Newbury town centre, 1971-74. Part I.Ford, S. D.
Excavations at Charney Bassett ManorBuchanan, Derek
A brief history of Newbury District Museum and its antecedentsField, Virginia
Hangmanstones and some places of execution in BerkshireUnderhill, F. M.
Excavations: Newbury town centre, 1971-74. Part IIFord, S. D.
A school book from St. Bartholomew's, NewburyHeap, G. V. M.
Plant nutritionBeswick, J. C.
Butterflies of Berks., Bucks., and OxonBowen, C. J. M.
Catmore Farm HouseKennedy, C. D.
Archaeological speculation [a watermill from the Roman period, Market Place, Newbury]Ford, S. D.
The silver seal of Geoffrey the BarberCherry, J.
The Romano-British mosaic, Littlecote Park, WiltshireFord, S. D.
Some observations on the past and present flora of Berkshire and North HampshireField, Virginia
The history of Sandleford PrioryHay, C. S.
A history of the watermills in Newbury. [Part 1.]Eggleton, B. J.
Unseasonable weather in NewburyMiller, Dorothy
Excavations: Newbury town centre, 1971-74. Part IVFord, S. D.
The stone at Snivelling Corner, Ashbury, and its folkloreGrinsell, L. V.

Vol : 13

Pub : 1983-1989

A botanical survey of the Didcot, Newbury and Southampton railway from Tot Hill to Skinners GreenField, V.; S. Hay
Vegetation in a neglected canalKeens, Miss W. M.
The history of the watermills in Newbury. Part 2Eggleton, B. J.
A history of Donnington Priory (and some of its residents)Barton, Desmond
A faithful representative of the public sentiment': the history of the Newbury Weekly News. Part OneAllen, Peter
The origins of the Newbury Grammar SchoolFox, N. E.
Sandleford Priory: the missing yearsFox, N. E.
The chapel at Sandleford PrioryPope, Roger H.; R. Durham
Memories of Bucklebury craftsmenMillson, Alec
The mail coach bicentenary and its antecedentsAnon.
Charles Dundas. Part One: "King of Kintbury"Fox, N. E.
A faithful representative of the public sentiment': the history of the Newbury Weekly News. Part TwoAllen, Peter
Some general observations, made between 1976 and 1985, on the countryside and its birds in an area sSchofield, Peter
Annotated list of the birds of Headly, North HampshireAnon
Newbury District Field Club: Study Group Report [Bartholomew Manor, Field names of Newbury, The CityMillson, Cecilia
Charles Dundas. Part Two: 'The last labourers' revolt'Fox, Norman
Charles Dundas. Part Three: maturity and modernisation, 1901-1987Allen, Peter
The King's Head [Newbury]Ford, S. D.
The pre-Reformation church of St. Nicolas, Newbury and the Guild of St. GeorgeFox, Norman
The courts and yards of Newbury All Change in 1878Cannon, Paul
The history of the watermills in Newbury. Part 3Eggleton, B. J.
The use of vascular plants in evaluating woodland for nature conservation in the Newbury areaHornby, R. J.
Comparative rainfall in Berkshire and Hampshire in the 19th and 20th centuriesField, Virginia
An introduction to Ashford Mill Meadow national reserve, near NewburySchofield, Peter
Nature conservation in the Newbury area, 1986 and 1987: a report by the Nature Conservation CouncilSchofield, Peter
Update on some general observations on the countryside and its birds...south of NewburySchofield, Peter
The field names of Newbury from the tithe commutation award, 1839 [buildings, etc, named in it]Fox, N. E.
The old drove roads and their droversField, Virginia
Newbury RacecourseOsgood, F. W.
A positive view of the prospects for wildlife in West BerkshireHornby, R. J.
Town centre excavations 1971-74: addendum and corrigendumFord, S. D.
The field names of Newbury [continued]Fox, Norman
Early Presidents of the Society [Newbury District Field Club]Field, Virginia
Newbury Public Coffee House CompanyCannon, Paul
Memories of building on the Shaw estateHustwick, C
Nature conservation in the Newbury area, 1988-89: report by the Nature Conservancy CouncilSchofield, Peter

Vol : 14

Pub : 1990-2009

From small beginnings. [History of Newbury District field Club]Hay, C. S.
The Newbury District Field Club deviceField, Virginia
Museum collections [list of items added 1.4.74 - 31.3.91]Higgott, Tony
Memories of early electricity in NewburyAllen, Rex
Evidence of tobacco-pipe making in East Woodhay and districtCannon, Paul
Newbury's first historian [Edward Gray]Purvis, Helen
Hungerford's Free Grammar SchoolFox, Norman
The Wesleyan Day School, NewburyFox, Norman
Catholicism in West Berkshire, 1559-1800Scott, Geoffrey
Issues and opportunities for nature conservation in southern EnglandHornby, R. J.
Greenham open spaces in retrospect: a personal accountFord, S. D.
Shaw Manor and the tithe map 1838Leamon, Rosemary
Early days: the beginnings of the Newbury District Field clubFranklin, Audrey
Archaeological notesHiggott, Tony
Vindication of a speculation. (See: D.Ford, An archaeological speculation [on a stone bearing on tHiggott, Tony
The Crutched Friars of Donnington PrioryHayden, J. Michael
Further evidence of tobacco-pipe making in East Woodhay and districtCannon, Paul
Is Newbury's medieval castle at Hamstead Marshall?Higgott, Tony
Who were the ordinary people of Newbury?Franklin, Audrey
The Newbury Electro-Plating Company: a little known Newbury enterprise of the 1920sFord, Stanley
Was Jere Bunny Newbury's first historian?Higgott, Tony
'The "City" Newbury, continuedCannon, Paul
The survival of historic garden features at Shaw House, near Newbury, BerkshireCurrie, Christopher K.
Coin hoards of West Berkshire and adjacent areasHiggott, Tony
Glimpses of Newbury in Tudor timesFranklin, Audrey
The development and 'golden age' of the picture postcardHopson, Sue
The licensed trade in NewburyFranklin, Audrey
Recent temporary valley-flooding near Great Shefford, BerkshireDelair, J. B.

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