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Past Events

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18 November7:30pmDavid PeacockNewbury's Georgian Architecture
31 October7:30pmVariousHistory Day: Your Good Health: From local charity to the Welfare State
21 October7:30pmTony HiggottBrickmaking in the Newbury District
19 February7:30pmJohn PainterReading Abbey
09 January7:30pmPhil WoodAGM & Presidential Address (Past Presidents of Newbury District Field Club)


11 December7:30pmChristmas Quiz & Party
13 November7:30pmDavid PeacockThe History of Donnington Grove
26 October7:30pmVariousHistory Day - Transport:Road, River & Rail
09 October7:30pmSue EllisTreasures of the Anglo-Saxons - Sutton Hoo and the Staffordshire Hoard
11 September7:30pmAndrew HuttThe Dovecotes and Pigeon Lofts of Old Berkshire
12 June7:30pmDr Nick YoungNewbury and district: The Cold War Era
08 May7:30pmPhil Wood17th Century Alehouses in West Berkshire
10 April7:30pmJohn HarrisonBrickwork (and how to read history in it).
13 March7:30pmTerry NelsonThe Men Who Built Britain
13 February7:30pmJane BurrellThe History of the Quakers in Newbury
11 January2:30pmPhil WoodAGM & Presidential Address (Local Directories)


14 December2:30pmChristmas Quiz & Party
27 November7:30pmDr David PeacockTudor Architecture around Newbury
09 November2:30pmDave StubbsA Life of Crime (Prevention)
23 October7:30pmPhil WoodNewbury 1918
12 October2:30pmNeil StewartThe Polar Arctic
25 September7:30pmJane BurrellThe Moneys of Newbury
01 September7:30pmVariousHistory Day - Victorian Newbury
24 April7:30pmWest Berkshire Archaeology ServiceArchaeological Work in West Berkshire, Past & Present
13 April2:30pmDr Paul Sievers, LRPSAegean Odyssey
27 March7:30pmClaire McGannTrue Newes from Neubury
09 March2:30pmAilsa ClaybournBirds in Literature
27 February7:30pmRos ClowDeath, Debt & Discrimination: Crime in Victorian Newbury
09 February2:30pmAlan DowdellThe Herschels of Berkshire
23 January7:30pmMembersMembers' Evening
12 January2:30pmPhil WoodAGM, followed by Presidential Address


08 December2:30pmChristmas Quiz & Party
28 November7:30pmSteve ClarkRoman Boxford
10 November2:30pmPhil WoodNewbury 1917
24 October7:30pmDick GodfreySwing Riots
13 October2:30pmDr David RussellThe Story of the Calendar
26 September7:30pmTerry GilliganThe Famous Aldbourne Bell Foundry
02 September7:30pmVariousHistory Day - The City
12 May2:30pmDave StubbsThe Coastal Path
25 April7:30pmDavid PeacockDonnington Castle
28 March7:30pmAnthony PickThe Mayors of Newbury
10 March2:30pmCanon Martin CoppenThe Knights Hospitallers in West Berkshire & NW Hampshire
28 February7:30pmSteve MastersAnna Monro: A life forgotten
10 February2:30pmDavid ClowThe History of Stained Glass
24 January7:30pmVariousMembers' Evening
13 January2:30pmPhil WoodAGM, followed by Presidential Address


09 December2:30pmChristmas Quiz & Party
22 November7:30pmPhil WoodNewbury 1916
11 November2:30pmJohn BillmanThe Highs and Lows of Ancient Egypt
25 October7:30pmEleanor HoareEton College Archives
14 October2:30pmJane BurrellThe Art of Angels
27 September7:30pmAnni ByardPortable Antiquities and Treasure in and around West Berkshire
02 July7:30pmVariousHistory Day - Speenhamland
26 April7:30pmNick YoungNewbury 365
08 April2:30pmMargaret YatesMedieval Kintbury
23 March7:30pmDavid ClowThe Bombing of Newbury
11 March2:30pmDave StubbsLord Falkland: His life, times and memorial
12 February7:30pmPhil WoodThe Battle of the Somme
12 February2:30pmDavid PeacockThe Wharf, Newbury
26 January7:30pmMembersMembers' Evening
12 January2:30pmAGM, followed by Presidential Address


11 December2:30pmChristmas Quiz & Party
24 November7:30pmJane BurrellChurch-Speen: The History of a Parish Church
13 November2:30pmJane BurrellThe Poetry of Pity: Poets of the Somme
27 October7:30pmAlex GoddenRecent Archaeology in West Berkshire
10 October2:30pmJohn HughesdonExperiences as Sherriff of the Old Bailey & Alderman of London
22 September7:30pmBrig Anthony Verey, QVRM, TD, DL, and Capt Andrew French A History of the Berkshire Yeomanry and the Regiment's Connections with_x005F_x000D_ Newbury
06 June7:30pmVariousHistory Day - Cheap Street & The Market Place
28 April7:30pmDr Steve ClarkRoman Boxford
10 April2:30pmJohn TriggThe Mounts of Wasing
24 March7:30pmPhilip WoodNewbury 1915
13 March2:30pmAlison PatonStanley Spencer & Sandham Memorial Chapel
24 February7:30pmKate PyneHistory of AWE
13 February2:30pmSue BurnayFar Famed for Sheep and Wool - Sheep fairs and markets of East Ilsley
27 January7:30pmMembersMembers' Research
27 January7:30pmMembers' Evening
09 January2:30pmMichael PerkinAGM, followed by Presidential Address


12 December2:30pm Christmas Quiz & Party
25 November7:30pmJameson WoodersLife around Newbury 1650-1750: The Evidence of Probate Inventories
14 November2:30pmRos ClowNewtown Road Cemetery: Unexpected Creative Inspiration
28 October7:30pmKate PyneThe History of AWE
16 October7:30pm Coffee Morning at St Nicolas' Church Hall
10 October2:30pmMark StevensBroadmoor Revealed: The Victorian Asylum
23 September7:30pmPhil WoodNewbury 1914
25 June7:30pmDr David PeacockNorman Churches in the Newbury Area
14 June7:30pm Coffee Morning at Newbury Town Hall
31 May7:30pmVariousHistory Day - Bartholomew Street
22 April7:30pmVictoria BarlowWest Berkshire Museum
11 April2:30pmJohn TriggSlates, Copybooks & Measles: Schooling in 19th Century Berkshire
26 March7:30pmCANCELLED
25 February7:30pmDr Nick YoungThatcham Trades
14 February2:30pmMichael PerkinPresidential Address
28 January7:30pmMembers' Evening
10 January2:30pmBrian RadfordExploring Investigative Journalism


13 December2:30pmDick GodfreyThe Life & Times of a County Bobby
26 November7:30pmMark StevensFairmile Revealed: A Victorian Asylum
08 November2:30pmPhilip WoodLest We Forget: Stories behind Newbury’s WWI casualties
22 October7:30pmDr Steve ClarkLife, death and taxes in medieval Peasemore
11 October2:30pmDave StubbsThe First Battle of Newbury, 1643
28 September7:30pmVariousHistory Day, 2013 - Northbrook Street
28 May7:30pmPhil WoodNewbury in the Age of Reform
11 May7:30pmSocialCream Tea @ Majendie Hall (St Mary’s Church), Speen
23 April7:30pmTony HiggottThe Buildings of Thatcham
12 April2:30pmCharles FlowerMapleash Copse: Are derelict woods here to stay?
26 March7:30pmEleanor CracknellSt George's Chapel Archive
08 March2:30pmPeter OrrNewbury Camera Club
26 February7:30pmDr Andy MoirDendrochronolgy - Dating Timber Frames
08 February2:30pmMichael PerkinAnnual General Meeting, followed by Presidential Address
22 January7:30pmMembersMembers' Research
11 January2:30pmColin BenhamSir Edwin Lutyens


14 December2:30pmRobin MeacherTaking Tea (Antique Tea Caddies and Spoons)
27 November7:30pmDr David PeacockNewbury in the Middle Ages
09 November2:30pmBrian DavisThe Evolution of Clematis
23 October7:30pmEllie ThorneTimes of Plenty
12 October2:30pmPhilip BrownEnglish Violin and Bow Makers
25 September7:30pmJudy DeweyWallingford: From burgh to borough
14 August7:30pmEXCURSIONMalmesbury & Bowood House
07 July7:30pmEXCURSIONWinchester Hat Fair
31 May7:30pmEXCURSIONFarnham & Watts Gallery
22 May7:30pmDuncan Coe20th Century Military Sites in West Berkshire
24 April7:30pmPhil WoodWest Berkshire War Memorials
13 April2:30pmDr David PeacockSandleford Priory
27 March7:30pmDr Hugh PihlensA Look at Hungerford's History
09 March2:30pmJane BurrellThe History of Newtown Road Cemetery
28 February7:30pmDave StubbsThe First Battle of Newbury
10 February2:30pmPhil WoodC19th Lantern Slides of Newbury & District
24 January7:30pmMembersMember's Research
13 January2:30pmNeil StewartThe Polar Arctic


09 December2:30pmMalcolm LangfordStone Age Thatcham
22 November7:30pmJane BurrellNewtown Road Cemetery
11 November2:30pmCdre Ian GibbCadet to Commodore and Beyond
25 October7:30pmPhil WoodNonconformity in Newbury
14 October2:30pmMiss Vicky Pudner & Mrs Lesley AtkinsonThe RENEWAL Project of the River Lambourn
27 September7:30pmRoy TubbRoad Names of Newbury
17 August7:30pmEXCURSIONVia Watercress Line to Alton (Curtis Museum & Allen Gallery)
28 June7:30pmSarah OrrWest Berkshire Historic Environment Record
14 June7:30pmEXCURSIONChristchurch Priory & Russell Coates Museum, Bournemouth
24 May7:30pmJane GoldingThe National Monuments Record
26 April7:30pmFred DavisonRev. John M Bacon - a very unconventional clergyman
08 April2:30pmDr Hamish SloanThe Vyne, Sherborne St John
22 March7:30pmDr Nick YoungThe History of Thatcham
11 March2:30pmDavid CanningHalf a Century of Railways
22 February7:30pmHugh DaviesRoman Roads
11 February2:30pmPhil WoodNewbury Myths and Legends.
25 January7:30pmMembersMember's Research
14 January2:30pmRod ThomasonNewbury Town Regalia


10 December2:30pmTrevor OttlewskiBerkshire Beyond the Obvious
23 November7:30pmDick GreenawayWoodland Archaeology
12 November2:30pmJohn DellowWildlife 2009: A Year Remembered
26 October7:30pmPhil WoodThe History of Pubs in Newbury
08 October2:30pmGeorge StylesThe History of Silver
28 September7:30pmDr Simon TownleyThe Work of the Victoria County History
22 September7:30pmEXCURSIONAshmolean Museum, Oxford and Arlington House (nr Wantage)
23 June7:30pmEXCURSIONChichester and Fishbourne Roman Palace
22 June7:30pmSarah CharltonBerkshire Manorial Records
25 May7:30pmTrevor OttlewskiAn Introduction to Historic Buildings
27 April7:30pmSharon CloughPound Street Cemetery
09 April2:30pmBrian SylvesterThe Story of Town Criers
23 March7:30pmDuncan CoeHistoric Landscape Characterization
12 March2:30pmCarol WoodKerala, South India
23 February7:30pmPeter DurrantPoor Law in Berkshire
12 February2:30pmPhil WoodMore Newbury Pubs
26 January7:30pmDick GodfreyNewbury Borough Police
08 January2:30pmGeorge StylesThe History of Silver


11 December2:30pmKen WellsScenes of Crime
24 November7:30pmDr David PeacockHistory of Newbury Through Its Buildings
13 November2:30pmJoan DilsMeals and Feasts in Tudor and Stuart Berkshire
27 October7:30pmPhil WoodA History of Newbury's Breweries
09 October2:30pmAlan ParfittOtmoor: A New RSPB Reserve
19 August7:30pmEXCURSIONAlthelhampton via Wimborne Minster
15 July7:30pmEXCURSIONPetworth House via Petersfield
17 June7:30pmEXCURSIONBerkeley Castle via Malmesbury
17 April2:30pmDr David PeacockPlace Names of West Berkshire
13 March2:30pmLeslie GroutWindsor Castle

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