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The Knights Hospitallers in West Berkshire & NW Hampshire


Canon Martin Coppen

10 March 2017

2:30pm at Newbury Town Hall

Non-members £3

The Order of St John of Jerusalem (Knights Hospitaller) were a pervasive if mainly quiet rural presence throughout England from the 12th century until the confiscation of their lands at the Reformation. There is therefore a local history which links into that of the multi-national Order, drawing lines between Greenham and Jerusalem, Rhodes and Malta, and the rather less exotic Clerkenwell. Martin's presentation will describe this medieval history, as well as the 19th century revival of the English Order and its support of the highly respected 'St John Ambulance'.


Canon Martin Coppen is a retired rural vicar, now living in Andover, researching and writing about local church history. One of his articles won an award from the British Association for Local History in 2016. The North Hampshire downland parish of Woodcott, 8 miles south of Newbury and in his care for 24 years, was a Hospitallers' 'camera', about which he will also say more in the talk.
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