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Portable Antiquities and Treasure in and around West Berkshire


Anni Byard

27 September 2016

7:30pm at St John's Parish Room

Non-members £3

The Portable Antiquities Scheme is a DCMS funded project to encourage the voluntary recording of archaeological objects found by members of the public in England and Wales. In this talk Anni will enlightne us about how the scheme works locally and tell us about some of the more interesting items uncovered.


Anni Byard is Finds Liaison Officer for Oxfordshire and Berkshire. She grew up in South Oxfordshire and has always had an interest in archaeology, history and anthropology. Anni studied archaeology at the University of Liverpool, and spent 7 years in commercial field archaeology, running small to large field and desk-based projects and post-excavation assessment. Anni joined the†Portable Antiquities Scheme†in 2008 and is interested in all periods and aspects of archaeology but especially landscape archaeology and artefacts in the landscape, specifically the use of metal detecting as a survey technique. Anni is a Member of the Institute for Archaeologists and has an MSc in Applied Landscape Archaeology from the University of Oxford.
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