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The Bombing of Newbury


David Clow

23 March 2016

7:30pm at St John's Parish Room

Newbury was bombed more than once during the Second World War, but it is the 23rd of February 1943 that stands out as THE bombing of Newbury because of the death toll and the destruction of several notable local buildings. While researching the event to create an information panel alongside a new memorial to the bombing David developed a deep understanding of what happened that day, from documentary evidence and from the mouths of those who were there. In this talk he will share with us the events of that dark day in the town's history.


David Clow is a leading light of the Friends of Newtown Cemetery, researching residents of the cemetery and appearing in their theatrical performances (writting by his wife Ros). He undertook extensive research into the bombing of Newbury in preparation for the installation of a new memorial to the victims.
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