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Stanley Spencer & Sandham Memorial Chapel


Alison Paton

13 March 2015

2:30pm at Newbury Town Hall

Non-members £3

A short distance from the centre of Newbury is one of England's artistic treasures, the Sandham Memorial Chapel. The Chapel, which houses the paintings of Sir Stanley Spencer representing his experiences as a medical orderly in the First World War both at the Beaufort Hospital in Bristol and Salonika in Macedonia. Alison will talk about Spencerís upbringing in Cookham, his education, war service, how the Chapel came into being and the paintings themselves with the benefit of hi- resolution power point images.


Alison Paton is the Chapel Steward at Sandham Memorial Chapel and has been closely involved with its recent refurbishment marking the centenary of the war for which it serves as a such a poignant reminder.
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