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Norman Churches in the Newbury Area


Dr David Peacock

25 June 2014

7:30pm at St John's Parish Room

The Norman invasion of England led to many changes in society as a new political philosophy, feudalism, replaced the Saxon way of rule. The most common surviving markers of this increadibly important time in English history are elements of the stone built churches that they Normans erected all over the county.


Dr Peacock is a well known speaker on the history of Newbury and its environs. Formerly a teacher of politics and history at Padworth College, Dr Peacock also gives evening classes on local history at Newbury College and Reading University. He is very familiar to readers of the Newbury Weekly News through his numerous local history articles and recently made his television debut explaining the importance of Jack of Newbury to Michael Portillo during his visit to the town on one of his [i]Great Railway Journeys[/i].
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