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Exploring Investigative Journalism


Brian Radford

10 January 2014

2:30pm at Newbury Town Hall

Non-members £3

The often murky world of investigative journalism is examined by a veteran investigative journalist.


Brian Radford, who lives in Newbury, has been a national newspaper investigative journalist for the past 30 years, and continues to write for The Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, The Guardian, Daily Express, the entire Mirror Group and News International. His investigations have included... 'What really happened to Robert Maxwell?'; How two conmen tricked Archbishop Runcie over Terry Waite; What caused Lester Piggott to land in gaol through a tax fiddle; Coming face to face with the notorious Richardson brothers, and how Roy Hattersley and Claire Short were mischievously claimed to be having a simultaneous affair with a Wolverhampton housewife...
Brian's editors have included Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson, both currently facing criminal charges for alleged hacking transgressions while at the News of the World, and he will talk about hacking - which he proudly stresses he never did at any time - and the covert gadgets that are used in undercover work, along with revelations about the 'tipsters' who originate big stories, and about the CS gas attack on his house by a City millionaire's hitman.
Brian is also the author of eight books, many of them as ghost writer for sports celebrities, and his latest, entitled 'Caught Out---revelations of corruption in international cricket' landed him a spot on the BBC programme Meet the Author.
It's no surprise that Brian is a passionate cricket follower, as his son, Toby, is a former professional batsman with Middlesex and Sussex, and is currently assistant coach/batting coach for the West Indies._x005F_x000D_
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