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Lest We Forget: Stories behind Newbury’s WWI casualties


Philip Wood

8 November 2013

2:30pm at Newbury Town Hall

Non-members £3

The Newbury Town War Memorial on the corner of Barthomolew Street and West Mills is a familiar landmark, but how often do passers-by read the 500+ names listed on its panels? Over 300 of these are the men, and one woman, who died as a result of World War 1. Who were these men? How did they die? Where are they buried?


Phil Wood, an enthusiastic local historian, is President of the Newbury District Field Club. For the last few years he has concentrated his efforts into uncovering all there is to know about the large number of pubs and breweries that once seemed to fill the town. Study of the existing pubs also gives him the opportunity for some enjoyable field work! More recently he has been researching the Great War casualties listed on the Newbury War Memorial.
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