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West Berkshire War Memorials


Phil Wood

24 April 2012

7:30pm at St John's Parish Room

Non-members £3

War memorials have received a lot of press recently in the wake of heartless metal thefts and, in any case, are experiencing a resurgance in interest at a time when the UK is engaged in ongoing military conflict in Afghanistan. West Berkshire has hundreds of monuments to the fallen, of towns, villages, churches, schools, workplaces, and families. Bringing all these together into a searchable online database has taken over our speakers life in recent months. Come along and hear the stories of some of the memorials, some lost forever, some lying in neglect, others restored to their former glory.


Phil Wood, an enthusiastic local historian, is President of the Newbury District Field Club. For the last few years he has concentrated his efforts into uncovering all there is to know about the large number of pubs and breweries that once seemed to fill the town. Study of the existing pubs also gives him the opportunity for some enjoyable field work!
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