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Stone Age Thatcham


Malcolm Langford

9 December 2011

2:30pm at Newbury Town Hall

Non-members £3

Thatcham has an incredibly important place in the early history of man on this island. The earliest known settlement in England was found here, the earliest known iron works have recently been found at Harts Hill.

But this will be much more than a talk, there will also be a chance to touch the past. Malcolm's collection of ancient artifacts would be the pride of many a museum, but they are not kept in cases or hidden away in a dark store. This will be an opportunity to hold a stone age tool and to feel the cutting edge of a flint 'knife'.


Driven by his love of history, retired electrician Malcolm Langford has been metal detecting for seven years, always with the permission of the relevant landowner. He has found everything from stone age artefacts to Roman coins, and enjoys showing his finds and passing on his passion for the past.
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