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Half a Century of Railways


David Canning

11 March 2011

2:30pm at Newbury Town Hall

Non-members £3

David Canning joined British Rail in July 1968 as a messenger in Western Tower at Reading. He worked for some time as a signalman, in his time working all the boxes from Theale to Lavington. Following the automation of the signalling system he worked in other roles, for many years at Colthrop. He retired in 2004.

Fortunately for us, David always took his camera to work with him and amassed many photographs. The Signalmen used to laugh, saying that these places would be there "long after we had gone" - little did they know.

In 1998 David published a book, 40 Years of Railway Photography, 12 years on and another decade of photography and we can enjoy a full half-century of his work.

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