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More Newbury Pubs


Phil Wood

12 February 2010

2:30pm at Newbury Town Hall

The Annual General Meeting of the Club took place on February 12, and was followed by the Presidential Address given by Phil Wood on More Newbury Pubs, a follow-up to the talk he gave last year on Newbury Pubs and Inns. This time the emphasis was on premises south of the river from the late 17th to the early 20th century, illustrated, as before, with a generous selection of plans, contemporary engravings, and photographs. Much fascinating detail has been discovered about the changing use, appearance, and location of these buildings, and research is continuing.


Phil Wood, an enthusiastic local historian, is President of the Newbury District Field Club. For the last few years he has concentrated his efforts into uncovering all there is to know about the large number of pubs and breweries that once seemed to fill the town. Study of the existing pubs also gives him the opportunity for some enjoyable field work!
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