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History of Newbury Through Its Buildings


Dr David Peacock

24 November 2009

7:30pm at St John's Parish Room

Non-members £3

At the second of a new series of evening meetings Dr David Peacock spoke on Newbury’s History Through Its Buildings. This was a personal selection of surviving buildings from the late medieval period to the early 20th century, illustrated with very clear slides including close-ups of revealing upper structures where much of the evidence for the original appearance of the building was lacking. The point was made that, while Newbury may not have any first rank or unique architectural buildings, some come into this category because of their historical associations. An obvious example is the home of John Winchcombe II (d. 1557), known as ‘Jack of Newbury’, a nationally important figure in his time. An enthusiastic audience contributed information about present-buildings and those under threat.
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