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Meals and Feasts in Tudor and Stuart Berkshire


Joan Dils

13 November 2009

2:30pm at Newbury Town Hall

Non-members £3

At the afternoon meeting in November Mrs Joan Dils gave a talk on Meals and Feasts in Tudor and Stuart Berkshire, a wide-ranging look at daily life over a typical year in this period , based on the churchwardens’ accounts for the parish of St Laurence, Reading, which are virtually complete from 1498 onwards. The accounts record everything that was paid for and anything for which money was being collected. Fascinating details emerged concerning goods and events, particularly relating to church festivals and seasons, of central importance in this period, Hock-tide, May Day, Whit Sunday, and others, and the work of the parish guild, and matters relating to bells. The talk prompted many questions afterwards from an enthusiastic audience.
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