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Newbury District Field Club

Founded in 1870 the Field Club is Newbury's local history society with additional interests in all aspects of the Newbury district's natural history, geology etc. newbury local history



150 Years and Counting

On 10 February 1870 a meeting in the Council Chamber at Newbury Town Hall resolved to create a new club to promote the study of many aspects of Newbury and its surrounding district.


2020 sees the Field Club's 150th Anniversary or Sesquicentennial. Through the year there will be a number of events marking the anniversary.  The first is the Club's meeting on 8 January when, after a short Annual General Meeting, the Club's current President, Phil Wood, will talk about his illustrious predecessors. Over the decades the Club has been led by nationally renowned historians and naturalists as well as two MPs and a future bishop.



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